Villa Paganini
Discemingly renovated houses in the country
Villa Paganini
Discemingly renovated houses in the country
Villa Paganini
Discemingly renovated houses in the country

Discemingly renovated houses in the country

Now you can reduce costs by becoming a farmer, building a small farm on agricultural land

The real estate company Villa Paganini srl specializes in design, restructuring and reconstruction of country houses. It has a portfolio consisting of purchased, restored and rebuilt real estates and with expert knowledge can design and create a home to your specifìcation. Its operations are currently focused in the Alto Monferrato area in Piedmont specifìcally in the zones of Cremolino and Ovada, in the province of Alessandria, seeking out farmhouses and rural homes for restoration or reconstruction.
Villa Paganini srl always respects the original materials and style of the property, using advanced refurbishing methods and construction techniques.

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Here you can find our latest houses available in the Alto Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy

Cut costs when your home becomes a farm

Have you ever wanted to become a farmer, live in a beautiful farm house surrounded by wonderful countryside? Buiilding a farm house on agricultural land lowers the cost of your dream. For example: house, cottage or farm house built with two storeys, 70 sqm on each, giving you a total living area of 140 sqm […]

Cascina Pobiano

This property is located about a Km from the village of Cassinelle, in the plain of Pobiano. The land, 4000 sqm is flat and enjoys excellent sun exposure. Currently the house is to be completed, which allows you to choose the interior layout and finishes. The attic and ceilings are made of wood.

Rocca Grimalda

A three cottage complex realized by Villa Paganini srl in Rocca Grimalda, South Piedmont, is in a panoramic, sunny ancl really pleasant residential area (6 Km. from Ovada and 1.5 Km.
from Silvano d’Orba).
Each cottage offers 148 sqm floor area, a 90 sqm cellar/garage and a 1.000/1.200 sqm garden.
The external walls are partly stone ciad, the ceilings are realized in wood, with terracotta or wood floor coverings

Cascina Mazzetta 1

An old farmhouse lovingly restored , characterized by stone walls, niches, fireplaces, attic and wooden ceilings. The atmosphere is warm, friendly, and reminiscent of the past.
Adjoined to the house is a second building with two floors including a cellar, which has also been renovated. It is a very useful outbuilding, to use for whatever you choose, there is also a well. An excellent location with wonderful panoramic views, on clear days you can see the Alps. The land slopes gently with a little wood. lt is located 15 minutes from Ovada, 1 Km from the little villages of Trisobbio and Cremolino.