Your land: you’re going to build a farm!

Lower purchases cost with our proposal

Have you ever wanted to become a farmer, live in a beautiful farm house surrounded by wonderful countryside? Buiilding a farm house on agricultural land lowers the cost of your dream. For example: house, cottage or farm house built with two storeys, 70 sqm on each, giving you a total living area of 140 sqm set in a plot of 7000 sqm can be yours for around €160,000 + VAT. With just 7000 sqm of land you can create your own ‘micro farm’, flower garden, vegetable patch, orchard even become self sufficient, raise animals and produce your own milk, eggs and cheese. Your choices are endless but whatever the size, it’s imporlant to meet your needs, you decide. You can choose to build your house with traditional masonry or entirely out of wood. We work with the most advanced technology whilst following seismic and sustainable energy regulations. See pictures of feasible projects. lf you already have agricultural land please contact us, Villa Paganini can work with you to help you realise your dreams. We take care of the paperwork and planning of the construction, from start to finish, ‘turnkey’ tailor-made for you. As an alternative we have some available land in Ovada (province of Alessandria) suitable for this type of project.
In alternativa abbiamo da proporvi alcuni validi terreni nell’ovadese (provincia di Alessandria) per poter realizzare il vostro progetto.