Cascina Mazzetta 2

A splendid example of the union between architecture and rural living today. Materials such as stone, wood and bricks, comfortably combined with style and current technology.
Stunning views of the Alps and the medieval village of Trisobbio, with a large garden, wood land and meadows. The project, yet to be completed, awaits your ideas with your own personal fnishing touches.

Cascina Grivagna

Living area: 180,00 mq
Taverna: 90 mq
Garage: 30 mq
Land: 10.000 mq


Living area 226 mq
Garage 30 mq
Portico 36 mq
Land 3.000 mq
Location Cremolino

Casa delle Rocche

Living area 200 mq
Garage 50 mq
Cellar 50 mq
Portico 50 mq
Land 1.500 mq
Location Molare
Completion of work 2004

Casa Bruciata

Living area 350 mq
Land 7.000 mq
Location Molare
Completion of work 2001

Casa Michetta

Living area 300 mq
Garage 30 mq
Cellar 30 mq
Portico 30 mq
Land 16.000 mq
Location Cassinelle
Completion of work 2003